What is ARP?

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What is ARP?

ARP is an all resource planning program that allows campus users to dynamically and consistently plan all of their financial resources and commitments. This program allows campus to set and adjust their operating plans throughout the year as warranted, forecast year-end results, and develop five-years of strategic plans for all of their funds.  The ARP program is supported by use of the  Planful (formally Host Analytics) system.

The overall goal of the ARP program is to have comprehensive resource plans that will lead to better decision making as resource availability and scarcity become more transparent to University leadership.

History of ARP

Banner (the previous budget planning system) went live in 2004 at the conclusion of the Renovare project. Since 2004, budget planning and forecasting requirements have changed as the University has grown in scope and complexity. As a result, discussions began to determine the best way to improve resource planning for both business managers and University leaders.

In early 2011, a project began to modify the Chart of Accounts based on the needs of Notre Dame and using accepted higher education standards. This project was necessary to lay the groundwork for the ARP project. Meetings were held with many business managers across campus to understand how they used the Chart of Accounts. The information gathered from these meetings was the primary driver for the final Chart of Accounts format.

After the Chart project was completed in the summer of 2013, an RFP project began to choose a vendor that would provide the software for budget planning and forecasting. Business managers provided details to the project team about their requirements for the new system. The project team researched potential companies and talked to many other universities about their vendors. Ultimately, two companies were asked to demonstrate their solution to campus. The project team analyzed the abilities of the companies compared to the requirements, as well as the opinion of those who attended the demos, and chose Host Analytics (Now Planful).