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Welcome to the future of budget and planning at Notre Dame!

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This is where you can find the latest information and updates on our new budget and planning tool.

Coming - March 2023!

Highlighted Features
  • Improved user experience
      • Easier navigation
      • Faster load times
      • Landing Pages with KPIs, links to templates, reports, and more
  • More flexible, dynamic tool
      • New merit planning screen
      • Multiple ‘templates’ on one page
      • Continuous Planning (no more individual scenarios)
Meet your peers working behind the scenes

We are listening to the source, the users. The functional implementation team on this project consists of subject matter experts that span multiple disciplines across campus.  This group is the voice of the everyday user.  Collaborating as strategic thought partners, they propose ideas and share feedback on key functionality for campus.  Together, we are designing a system and user experience that will bring you a more efficient and effective planning process.  Click here to see what they are saying about our new tool!

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