FY15 Financial Asset Review

FY15 Black Book (Full PDF Document)


Budget Update

Year-End Performance

Budget Model Assumptions

Budget Model Stress Test

Soft-Funding Summary

Financial Expense University


Discretionary Resources

> Discretionary Resources

> Working Capital


Dedicated Reserves

Dedicates Reserves Summary

Healthcare Liability Claims Reserve


Restricted Resources



F&A Model

Research Presentation October 2012

> ND Turbo MOU

> IDEA Center Funding Model




Advancing our Vision (AOV)

Anticipated Savings Timeline

Planned Uses of AOV Funds


Financial Planning & Analysis


University Relations Funding Plan

Wellness Center Financials

Innovation Park

NDCAC Financials

> NDI Study Abroad Funding Funding Model FY16

> Keough School of Global Affairs Funding Model

Undergraduate Financial Aid



Annual Financial Review - FY15

> Full Costing Model - December 2014

> Athletics Summary FY10 - FY15

Campus Crossroads Presentations


Auxiliary Operations

Morris Inn and NDCC at McKenna Hall

Retail Food Services

Food Services - Dining Halls




St. Michael's Laundry

Cedar Grove Cemetery

ND Marketplace


Asset Management

> Eddy Street & Northeast Neighborhood

Rental Properties


Peer Data

> College Affordability Study

Student Charge Peer Data

NACUBO Endowment Study

Debt Ratios (Moody's)


Reference Data

Budget Add-on History

10-Year Incentive Surplus Summary

Short-Term Debt Balances

Short-Term Debt Interest and Fees

Additional Year End Funding (Special Projects)

Bain History (Sustainable University)


Supplemental Documents

Fall University Financial Update & Budget Outlook (Green Book)

Fiscal Operating Budget (Blue Book)

Detailed Budget (White Book)

University of Notre Dame Debt Book

Office of Treasury Services Monthly Report

Detailed Statement of Account Balances

University of Notre Dame du Lac Financial Statements

403(b) Retirement Plan Financial Statements

University of Notre Dame Employees’ Pension Plan Financial Statements

IPND Financial Statements

IPND Leverage Lender Financial Statements

ND Properties I, LLC Financial Statements

University of Notre Dame (USA) in England Financial Statements

Tantur Financial Summary

University of Notre Dame A133 Audit Report

NCAA Agreed Upon Procedures Report