The Offices of Budget Planning and Financial Planning supports the entire University community through four core services. Through these services, the Offices help to ensure the University's financial strength and preparedness for current and future economic events.

Strategic Financial Resource Planning

  • Long-range financial planning for the overall University financial plan
  • Contingency planning for the overall University financial plan
  • Budget planning process linked to strategic priorities
  • Macro-level planning to develop the overarching financial strategy

Resource Planning & Business Partnering Services

  • Annual Resource Plan Development
  • Forecasting & Multi-Year Planning
  • New Program Resource Planning

Financial Planning & Analysis

Financial analysis required to inform leadership decisions, such as:

  • Advancing Our Vision Program
  • Infrastructure Funding Plan
  • International Financial Model
  • Strategic Plan Funding Committee
  • Aggregate and Monitor Official University Charges 

Institutional Leadership

Leading cross-collaborative projects and work as a result of our unique vantage point to the institution overall, such as:

  • Strategic Budget Development
  • Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) Committee
  • Financial Aid Support Team (FAST)
  • Planning Analysis and Reporting Team (PARTy)
  • New Academic Program Committee