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Continuous Plan



Why can’t I log in?

Make sure you always log in with the SSO.



I can’t find my …

Check your: applied filters, context selector, Fiscal Year, and Fund/Org combo.

Where can I find the QRG and other hand-outs from training?


Under the Financial Compass tab (on the Budget Office website), click on the Training Materials link. You'll find anything related to training here. 


How do I create a pooled position?

After navigating to the WFP Home page:

          • Select the Pooled Labor page.
          • Scroll down to the Existing Pooled Labor to edit a previously created position or ADD Labor Pool to create a new position.
          • Follow the selection requirements for position type and FOP.

Once all selections have been made, a green submit button will appear to complete the creation or edit. If you want to watch a short video on this material on the Budget website or at the bottom of the Compass Navigation page.

Where do I see my planned pooled positions?

At the top of Pooled Labor page, the Pooled Summary section provides the total amount budgeted for each position type in a fiscal year.


How do I change the destination to correct a transfer?

After navigating to the Transfers Home page:

          • Select the transfer in the Existing Transfers section. 
          • Scroll down to Enter Transfer In Details and edit the destination by deleting the Program code (purple font), then Org and Fund.
          • Add a new destination FOP, and the green submit button will appear.

Note: Cells with purple font are capable of being changed. FOPs must be changed starting from the last code entered.

How do I create a two-sided transfer?

The default option for Transfers is a two-sided transfer. In the Select Transfer Detail section, leave the check boxes next to One-Sided and Direct Transfer In unchecked. Complete the remaining section and continue scrolling down to Add Destination. Once all section requirements are satisfied, a green submit button will appear to complete. You can watch a short video on this material on the Budget website or at the bottom of the Compass Navigation page.


I’m on a Non-Labor page; Why can’t I edit my data?

You have likely selected a FOP at the roll-up level. Editable FOPs are underneath the roll-up and have a bullet in front.

Another reminder, always make sure you are on an input page and not a report.


Why don't my Compass reports match GLez?

The timing of information is crucial in comparing Compass and GLez. Compass data does not include encumbrances and actuals hit after the month-end close process.

Remember that in a Forecast Budget, only the current month is active, and the rest are budgeted.

Why are my reports not accurate?

Remember to sync your data to ensure the most up-to-date information (not just your changes but others that might impact your budget). Note: Banner automatically syncs nightly.

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