Budget Planning Resources

  • FOAP Look UP- FOAP validation tool that provides the default Program code for Unrestricted Funds and the default Org and Program codes for restricted Funds.
  • FY24 Endowed Chair Calculator- A tool that calculates the percentage of available spending from a Chair endowment that should be planned towards the Chair's salary.
  • FY24 New Gift Payout Calculator- This tool estimates the quarterly increment to be received from a new gift and the anticipated date. 
  • FY24 Fringe Rate- A list of fringe benefit rates for all staff, faculty, and pooled positions.
  • Introduction to Finance- Training materials on financial information related to GLez, Banner, and other Controller's Office systems.
  • New Fund Requests- Steps to create a new Fund/Org.
  • Budgeted Foreign Currency Conversion Rates-  Foreign currency exchange rates used by the campus to translate budget and operational activity incurred in foreign currency into US dollars.


  • Undergraduate Fee and Billing- Guidance on incremental fees, approval, and billing processes for undergraduate student’s degree programs.
  • Transfer Pricing- Guidance on when internal charges are permissible and the process to be followed for determining these charges.
  • New Master's Program Form-This form is required for all new Master's level programs (and can be used as a reference tool for any other new programs across campus). This form must be completed after submitting a new program proposal to the relevant department, center, or institute. Completing this form initiates the coordination of the administrative and financial services required to launch the program.
  • New Instructional Initiatives: Administrative Review Process (login required)- New instructional initiatives must go through an administrative review process. This includes any new degree program and/or courses that are substantively offered in a location other than the main campus or a non-traditional format—additional details on new instructional initiatives and the required registration form.