We are listening to the source, the users.

The functional implementation team on this project consists of subject matter experts that span multiple disciplines across campus.  This group is the voice of the everyday user.  Collaborating as strategic thought partners, they propose ideas and share feedback on key functionality for campus.  Together, we are designing a system and user experience that will bring you a more efficient and effective planning process.  

What excites you most about the new budget and planning tool?

Anne Bax, Associate Director, Keough School

"I am excited about having a budget tool that will serve the University’s reporting and monitoring needs, while also serving my needs to enter new information as it becomes available, anytime, in one place; a tool that is user-friendly, yet powerful enough to provide truly useful information in real time; and excited about having a tool we’ll actually look forward to logging on to!"

Matt Anderson, Business Program Director, Graduate School

 "More intuitive user interface and more powerful planning tools"

Casey Weston, Sr. Technical Analyst, Budget Office

"I am excited for users having more ways to input their plans and those plans persisting through planning cycles."

Kathleen Brannock, Student Affairs

"I am most excited about the functionality of continuous planning and the ability to make ongoing changes and updates throughout the year."

Tracy Biggs, Mendoza College of Business

"I am most excited about the potential to engage in a continuous planning cycle where there will be minimal downtime and more ability to plan for the future when the information becomes available to me." 

Thank you to all the partners across campus who help launch the Financial Compass